Tim Zimmerman & Nitro Ride  

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      Nitro Ride is a relatively young band, but their tradition runs deep. Like the title of their first album, they try to “Carry The Tradition” of old-time bluegrass and mountain music, while still incorporating their hard-drive and original material. 

The band is lead by the hard-driving Stanley style banjo of Tim Zimmerman who is well accompanied by Josh Theurer with his superb lead and tenor vocals and strong rhythm guitar and Donnie Leaman on Lead guitar and vocal. They surround themselves with some of the best musicians in the business on mandolin, fiddle, and bass. featuring Mr. Alby Lopez on mandolin and Ron "Uncle Ron" Huber on Bass.

 The band hails from southern Pennsylvania where they all started young and consider family their biggest influence. They enjoy traveling, meeting new people, jamming, and playing the old time mountain style. Nitro Ride’s ultimate goal is to carry on the traditions of those gone before and respect the music in every way possible. We take pride in the music we play and enjoy introducing new people to this genre of music as well as putting smiles on the faces of long standing old time music lovers.

Tim has been playing banjo for over 16 years, and plays a truly hard-driving Stanley-style banjo. He has a roll compared to a machine gun by folks that have heard him and is especially profound at the way he attacks breaks and drives the banjo.

Influenced by the man himself, Dr. Ralph Stanley, as well as Don Reno, and Larry Gillis, with a lot of himself.  He is one of the few banjo players that still play the old claw-hammer style, and is truly passionate for that old-time mountain sound. He has had the honor and pleasure of performing with some of the best names in the business, such as Remington Ryde, The Bluegrass Mountaineers, Larry Gillis, Heart & Soul, and several others.


Tim plays a 2006 Frank Neat custom banjo & a 2016 Martin HD-28V and a  2012 Martin Custom MV.

Josh has grown up with bluegrass and old-time country. Inspired by the greats like Jimmy Martin, Reno & Smiley, Ralph & Carter Stanley, and Bill Monroe. He is a fine young man and friend of ours who would do anything for anybody. Josh knows the way bluegrass should be played. He is an exceptional guitarist and singer, and is one of the best lead singers in bluegrass today. His high, heart-felt lead is a crowd pleasure everywhere we go. His voice is reminicent of a mix of jimmy martin and carter stanley. He started with the band in 2012 at only 17, and to this day he still does a mighty fine job and is an asset to the band. He without a doubt has a very bright future in bluegrass music.

Josh often plays his  2008 Martin Custom MV and records with what he calls "The Buck" a 1944 Martin D28.

Long time members Joanna Hollinger (fiddle) and Jeff Dillard (bass) have decided to pursue different paths in their music career. We wish them the best. God Bless!